Automotive Test Meter



This product is just for automotive use. The innovative current test mode allows the technician to take amp readings directly at the fuse box without removing the fuses, which saves a large amount of time. The voltage checker works with a traffic light result indicator, giving an instant and easy-to-read assessment of the battery charge levels. The multi-function tester assesses circuit voltage and provides early indication of alternator or starter motor issue. It quickly finds breaks in cables, detects faulty connections and sensors and can test operation of fuel injectors.
Suitable for 6V, 12V and 24V vehicles, and comes with protective case, for safe and tidy storage.
• Rapid current testing up to 80A without
removing fuses
• Mini ATM Fuse: 3A to 30A (max)
• Standard ATC Fuse: 3A to 40A (max)
• Maxi Fuse: 20A to 80A (max)
• Current adapter for in-line current testing
• Auto ranging 6/12/24V battery testing
with traffic light LED result
• Starter test checks battery during engine
• Normal and Smart alternator test for checking
vehicle charging system 12/24V
• Frequency and duty cycle settings aid testing of sensors
• Continuity and resistance modes for locating wiring faults
• LED and Diode Testing

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Weight0.64 kg
Dimensions22 × 12 × 9 cm