Sensor Voltage Probe



The Sensor Voltage Probe, PPESVP, can perform four functions namely:

  • Simulation of 0.5V ~ 7.0V (3A output).
  • Simulation of 0.2V ~ 7.0V (150mA or 0.15A output).
  • Volt measurement up to 70V DC with polarity check.
  • Resistance ( ) measurement up to 5K

It can be used in all automobiles (12V/24V systems) with ECM / ECU either independently, or very often it is used together with a diagnostic scanner to distinguish faults whether that lies in the sensor itself or related to the connection (connector or wires) during troubleshooting phase.

From the reading of Error codes on the diagnostic scanner, faults are recognized, as the sensors data which is imitated at the same time by this probe were observed.

Additional information

Weight0.64 kg
Dimensions25 × 8 × 20 cm